Common Causes of listing suspension from Google My Business:


The following are the common reasons for listing suspensions on Google My Business:


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3. Business Phone Number Issues:

Business phone numbers are another issue. Instead of a call center, Google recommends using a local number (i.e., it should be direct).

4. Announcing your 24-hour availability:

You shouldn’t list your business as open all the time, even if your office is open 24 hours a day for calls and emails. It’s a big red flag for Google. The company is more worried about when the physical door to the office is open.

5. Unusual Changes at once:

Making too many changes to your listing at a time can also lead to suspension. Google flags this activity as suspicious (spammy) due to its suspicious nature. Making more than one change at a time will help avoid this. After making a few changes, wait about 30 minutes before making the next couple.

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6. Business description containing misleading information:

There is a long list of content not allowed in business descriptions.
• Special discounts/promotions that are too prominent in content
• Description containing private or confidential information (i.e., government-issued IDs, financial information, transcripts containing personal information, etc.)
• The business description containing personal information (such as financial records, government-issued IDs, transcripts, and so forth).
• Special discounts/promotions that are too prominent in content
• Defamatory, harmful, or harmful content (e.g., sexually explicit or suggestive material, hate speech, harassment, bullying, illegal products/activity).

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